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The Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade is the executive arm of the Government for the implementation of the foreign policy of Mauritius. The Ministry is under the administrative headship of the Secretary for Foreign Affairs and is  curre​​​ntly organised as follows:

(a) The Foreign Affairs Division - a core part of the Ministry and comprising the Central Administration and six Directorates namely Bilateral I (Asia , Middle East, Far East), Bilateral II (Europe, Australasia and Americas), Bilateral III (Africa and the Indian Ocean), Multilateral Political, Multilateral Economic, and the Protocol. Each Directorate is headed by an Ambassador/High Commissioner.

(b) Regional Integration Division  is headed by a Director.

(c) International Trade Division is under the headship of a Director including the Industrial Property Office headed by a Controller.

The Ministry is supported by 18 Diplomatic Missions overseas under the stewardship of an Ambassador/High Commissioner, one Consulate  headed by a Consul and a network of Honorary Consulates