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International Bids

Motorway M4 from Airport to Forbach- Phase 1: Construction of a Single Carriageway from Bel Air to Pont Blanc

Ref: RDA/IFB/2020/66


13 October 2020 up to 13.30 hours local time

Design, Development and Maintenance of a Central Intelligence Data Bank for Mauritius Tourism

Ref: EOI/3/2020


16 October 2020 at 14.00 hours local time

Operation & Maintenance of St Martin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ref: WMA/OAB/445S


27 October 2020 up to 13.30 hours local time

Operation & Maintenance of Roche Bois Transfer Station and Transportation of Wastes from Roche Bois Transfer Station to Mare Chicose Landfill


Ref: CPB/30/2020


20 October 2020 up to 13.30 hours local time

CWA/C2020/45- Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study, Design Preparation of Bid Document and Assistance During Bid Evaluation for Construction of Rivere des Anguilles Water Treatment Plant

Ref: CWA/IFB/2020/471

Cancellation of Procurement Exercise

Enlistment of Potential International Suppliers


30 October 2020

Maintenance, Upgrading, Resurfacing and Construction of Roads in Rodrigues- Year 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

Ref: CPB/37/2020


05 November 2020 up to 13.30 hours local time

Maritime Single Window System

Ref: MPA/IFP/2020/17

Website: or

10 November 2020 up to 15.00 hours local time

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Machine Readable Crew Member Certificate System of the Department of Civil Aviation

Ref: CAV/QUO: No.03 of 2020/21


26 November 2020 up to 11.00 hours local time