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Trade Policy Information

The International Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade is a specialized unit responsible to formulate and implement trade policies and negotiate trade agreements at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.  It aims at creating a conducive trade policy environment for Mauritius to position itself on the world market and to increase its trade share. 
The International Trade Division  also assists the general public in particular the business community on various issues related to international trade. Some of the services offered are:​​
·       Helping the public including the business operators and university students in interpreting the WTO and other regional and bilateral trade agreements that Mauritius has signed.
·       Channeling trade complaints in respect of non-payment and non-supply of goods from both importers and exporters to relevant organizations.
·       Disseminating on a regular basis trade related information on the trade portal and to the relevant institutions for onwards transmission to their members.
·        Providing information to the business community on the COMESA –EAC-SADC NTBs online reporting and monitoring system and assisting them in reporting NTBs on the online mechanism.
·       Providing information on trade queries and directing same to relevant institutions.
·        Advising the business operators on how to maximize benefits of the different trade agreements that Mauritius has signed.
The WTO Reference Centre located at the International Trade Division is accessible to the public for reference.