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Multilateral Political Directorate I (Multilateral Organisations)

Multilateral Political Directorate I (Multilateral Organisations)


Mandate of the Multilateral Political Directorate I


The Multilateral Political Directorate I is a department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which deals with a wide range of multilateral issues, including peace and security, international terrorism and sustainable development. 

It focuses on the United Nations (UN) System, namely:  

​​ ·        UN Principal Organs (General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council, International Court of Justice etc.)

·        UN Subsidiary Bodies (Counter-terrorism committees, etc.) 

·        Programmes and Funds (UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme, etc.)

·         Functional Commissions (Narcotic Drugs, Status of Women, etc.) 

·        Specialised Agencies (International Labour Organisation Food and Agriculture Organisation etc.)

·      Human Rights and Human Rights Treaty Bodies; and

·       UN 3rd Committee


The directorate also handles issues pertaining to the Hague-based institutions, as well as the International Criminal Court and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.



NameTitle Phone No.(230)     ​Email address
Mr. R.B.BhuckoryMinister Councellor
Mr. A. KoodoruthFirst Secretary4052607
Mr. T. ReetooFirst Secretary4052505​​ 
Mr R. BukoreeSecond Secretary4052608
Mrs Li Pin Yuen
Second Secretary
Mrs D. R. Ragnuth​
Second Secretary