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International Trade Division (Trade Policy / Industrial Property Office)

International Trade Division (Trade Policy / Industrial Property Office)


The International Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

About ITD

The International Trade Division (ITD) is responsible for the formulation and development of trade policies of Mauritius. It aims at creating a conducive trade policy environment for Mauritius to position itself on the world market and to increase its trade share. It is equally engaged in the process of regional integration and international trade negotiations at WTO level.


Through the regional and international trade negotiations the ITD seeks to open markets and preserve existing market access for our exporters of goods and services. It is the Government's specialist negotiator of market access at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

Role of ITD


·         To develop and implement a dynamic regional and international trade policy by:

·         Creating a conducive environment for trade and investment, enhancing market access for goods and services, removing non-trade barriers and ensuring trade facilitation;

·         formulating Trade Policies and ascertaining that its concerns are adequately reflected in Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Trading Arrangements as well as in global trade rules;

·         continuously monitoring developments taking place at the Multilateral and Regional levels;

·         Securing trade and economic benefits to improve the standard of living and well-being of our people and smooth out the integration of Mauritius in the multilateral trading system;

·         Enhancing the share of Mauritius in world trade.


The Industrial Property Office  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

Administers the Industrial Property legislations locally


Registers and protects industrial property rights, namely, patents, industrial designs and trademarks 


Helps in the dissemination of information on the importance of IP rights 




Trade Policy Unit


Supervision and overall coordination, Trade Negotiations and Formulation of Trade Policies, WTO, UNCTAD, Services, SADC, AU, bilateral trade, Technical Cooperation in Trade, IOR-ARC, Commonwealth, Trade Remedies, ACP/EU, COMESA, AGOA, AU, IPR, Trade Relations, TISA, CFTA


Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail

Director, Trade Policy


Mrs. M. L. ISSACKConfidential Secretary2602911



WTO: STE's, EGA, TISA, Government Procurement, Fisheries

Regional: IOC, APEI

Bilateral: All African Countries, Pakistan

Other Issues: Trade Complaints, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance


Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. S. D.JEELALLPrincipal Trade Policy Analyst2602912
Miss S. B. KURMOO Trade Policy Analyst
Mrs.H. D. DOMUN-SUDDULTrade Policy Analyst



WTO: Services, Market Access Database, Trade Policy Review, TISA

Regional: AGOA, COMESA, Commonwealth

Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail



Principal Trade Policy Analyst2602913s.f.ramjanally.nuthay 
Miss Z. CHAUMUNSenior Trade Policy Analyst2602919
Mr S. Y. RAMHARAI Trade Policy Analyst2602918



WTO: Trade Facilitation, Agriculture, NTBs, TBT, SPS, Notification, TISA

Regional: CFTA, SAARC, TISA, AU, Aid for Trade

Bilateral: All ASEAN Countries


Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mr. D. LUXIMONPrincipal Trade Policy Analyst2602914d.luximon 
Miss S. D. BEEHARRYSenior Trade Policy Analyst2602918
Mrs N. BUTONKEETrade Policy Analyst2602920




Regional: IORA

Bilateral: China, New Zealand


Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. P. N. PONENSenior Trade Policy
Mrs M. G. RICCO-PHILIDORTrade Policy Analyst2602921


WTO: Trade Remedies, TISA

RegionalSADC, Tripartite

Bilateral:Central Europe

Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. F. POKUNSenior Trade Policy Analyst2602916f.pokun
 Trade Policy Analyst2085918



Regional: EPA, EFTA, ACP/EU
Bilateral:  CECPA with India

Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail



Senior Trade Policy
Miss R. D. NARANTrade Policy Analyst2602921 rnaran@go


Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mr. P. BAGUANTTrade Policy Information Officer2602923




Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mr. G. S. TEELOKEEAssistant Permanent Secretary4052573



Office Management Assistant2602927
Mrs. R. ATNARAMOffice Management Assistant2602928



Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. A. MotallaHuman Resource Executive2602931  
Mrs. S. MARDIOffice Management Assistant2602929
Miss B.  HURKOOManagement Support Officer2602930  
Miss A. BissessurManagement Support Officer2602930  





Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. H. DullooOffice Management Assistant2602932  
Mrs. Y. Ramchurn-TekaManagement Support Officer2602934
Miss. D. LuckheeramManagement Support Officer2602933



Name of OfficerTitleTelephone NoSkypeE-mail
Mrs. Y.AuchoyburWord Processing Operator2602937
Mrs. S. DonookdharreeWord Processing Operator2602938  



 IPO Telephone Directory: 

Name of Officer
Telephone No
​Fax No.
​​Mr. Ranjive Beergaunot
Through CS Mrs A.Poonyth​​​
Ag Director
260 2812
210 9702 / 214 5943
Ms. S. Parthay
260 2812

Mr. N. Mardaymootoo
Senior Industrial Property Officer
260 2813
Mrs. N. Nauzeer
Senior Industrial Property Officer
260 2814
Mrs. M. Ramdharrysing
Industrial Property Officer
260 2816
Mr. C.Gooljar
Industrial Property Officer
260 2818
Mrs. P. Maudhoo
IPOIndustrial Property Officer
260 2819
Mrs. N. Puran-Beeharry
Industrial Property Officer
260 2827
Mrs. M. Nuchecheddy
Industrial Property Officer
260 2826
IPOM Counter / Front Office
Industrial Property Office
260 2820
Mr. B Beeharry
Office Management  Assistant / Officer in Charge
260 2821
​​Miss. R.L Gonoury
Assistant Financial Operations Officer
260 2824
Mrs. P. Joomun
Management Support Officer
260 2823
Miss. S. Auhamudally
Management Support Officer
260 2823
Miss. V. Jugessur
Management Support Officer
260 2822
Mr. G. Punchu
Head Auxilliary Officer
260 2825
Mrs. N. Nabee/Mr. Y.M.J. Bolaky
Auxiliary Officer/Senior Auxilliary Officer
260 2825