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Bilateral II Directorate (Europe, Americas and Australasia)

Bilateral II Directorate (Europe, Americas and Australasia)

The Bilateral II Directorate is responsible for the pursuit of the bilateral relations with countries in Europe, the Americas and Australasia and forging closer partnerships with these countries.

The Directorate keeps track of the political, social, economic and cultural pulse of the countries in the mentioned regions  and is also the contact point for any advice and assistance to other Ministries and Departments which have to interact with countries in the area.  

The Directorate is also responsible for all communications addressed our Embassies/High Commissions overseas, Diplomatic representations and Governments of countries within the European, American (North and South) and Australasian region and vice versa.

The contact details of the staff of the Directorate are as follows:

Name TitlePhone No.  +(230) ​Email Address
Mr S. UdaiyanMinister Counsellor405
Mrs B. NapaulFirst Secretary405
Mr M. Y. HansrodSecond Secretary405 2507
Mr​ G. RamgoolamSecond ​Secretary  405
Ms N. Mandary
Second ​Secretary 
405 2532