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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade


The Industrial Property Office (IPO)


The Industrial Property office of Mauritius was established following the enactment of The Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks Act 2002 and its entry into force with effect from 06 January 2003.


The services provided by the office are the registration of trademarks and industrial designs and the grant of patents.

Core Functions

  • To provide a sound legal and administrative framework for the promotion and protection of industrial property rights
  • To formulate and review industrial property rights' policies and legislation
  • To maintain and disseminate industrial property information and documents
  • To represent the Mauritian Government internationally on industrial property matters.
  • To process applications received for the protection of industrial property rights and to issue certificates accordingly
  • To collaborate with other IP offices on IP programmes
  • To promote awareness, respect and the effective use of industrial property rights in collaboration with other organizations




A modern and well-enforced intellectual property system to be recognised as an important commercial asset and driving force as well as a crucial factor for national socioeconomic and technological development


To ascertain that effective protection of industrial property rights creates a conducive environment for innovative and inventive activity as well as for an orderly exchange on goods and services in the market place.



Aims & Objectives

To give effect to the obligations undertaken by Mauritius
in the context of various Conventions and Agreements relating to the protection of Industrial Property Rights

•To constantly update and administer the legislations so as to keep pace with international developments and the needs of emerging technologies

•To encourage and ensure the setting up of an effective enforcement mechanism of the industrial property rights with stringent penal provisions against infringements, piracy and counterfeiting

•To work towards an integrated approach between right holders and the enforcement agencies

•To aim at proactively modernizing/computerising the administrative procedures and infrastructure of the office, leading towards a responsive, user-oriented quality service to meet the growing demand of all categories of clients

•To ensure cost effective and efficient search, examination and registration procedures supported by appropriate fees

•To seek assistance from specialised agencies for the implementation of awareness building programs among various sectors of public opinion.

•To place emphasis on capacity building through sustainable training programs, policy oriented information sharing, tailor made courses by specialised Agencies for the staff of the Patents and Trademark Section

•To provide for a special industrial property service for the regular publication and communication of industrial property rights to the public

•To initiate ways and means of maintaining a customer service standards/targets and take every reasonable care in providing a quality service in response to the needs of the public