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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade


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Vin d'Honneur

Date: December 24, 2013


The annual Vin d’Honneur reception with the diplomatic corps was held on Tuesday 23rd December 2013. 
The Vin d’Honneur is a traditional event hosted by the Minister at the close of the year to share insights of the main events in that year, spelling out some challenges and main issues ahead.
In his address this year, the Hon. Minister invited the diplomatic corps to share commitment on three interlinked goals:
(i)           strengthening bilateral, regional and international co-operation;
(ii)          addressing global challenges and formulating collective responses in a fair, responsible and inclusive manner; and
(iii)        establishing an international system based on democratic governance and that better guarantees human security through sustainable development ,prosperity and peace for all.

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