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Madagascar – Safeguard on Pasta and Related Products

Date: March 07, 2019


Madagascar is carrying out a safeguard investigation on a range of products including pasta, macaroni and noodles. According to the Malagasy Authorities, surge in import of these products has caused serious injury to its domestic industry.
Mauritius, being one of the countries concerned has filed a submission and participated in a public hearing on the matter. It has argued that the introduction of the measure was unwarranted as the investigation did not show sufficient evidence proving serious injury or threat of serious injury to the Malagasy pasta industry. Mauritius appealed to the Malagasy authorities to distinguish between imports of pasta products and instant noodles as the increase in imports concerns pasta products and not instant noodles.
Mauritius also pointed out that the measure will have drastic consequences for the noodle industry in Mauritius as Madagascar is one of our main buyers.  It is important to note that 600 out of 900 tonnes of noodles consumed in Madagascar comes from Mauritius.  Moreover, the noodle industry of Mauritius has vertical linkages with other industries and service providers (carton, plastic, freight forwarders) which will lead to indirect implications to the economy as a whole.

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