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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade>About Us>International Trade Division (Trade Policy/Industrial Property Office)

International Trade Division (Trade Policy/Industrial Property Office)

The International Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

About ITD

The International Trade Division (ITD) is responsible for the formulation and development of trade policies of Mauritius. It aims at creating a conducive trade policy environment for Mauritius to position itself on the world market and to increase its trade share. It is equally engaged in the process of regional integration and international trade negotiations at WTO level.

Through the regional and international trade negotiations the ITD seeks to open markets and preserve existing market access for our exporters of goods and services. It is the Government’s specialist negotiator of market access at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.
Role of ITD
·         To develop and implement a dynamic regional and international trade policy by:
·         Creating a conducive environment for trade and investment, enhancing market access for goods and services, removing non-trade barriers and ensuring trade facilitation;
·         formulating Trade Policies and ascertaining that its concerns are adequately reflected in Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Trading Arrangements as well as in global trade rules;
·         continuously monitoring developments taking place at the Multilateral and Regional levels;
·         Securing trade and economic benefits to improve the standard of living and well-being of our people and smooth out the integration of Mauritius in the multilateral trading system;
·         Enhancing the share of Mauritius in world trade.



The Industrial Property Office  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

Administers the Industrial Property legislations locally
   Registers and protects industrial property rights, namely, patents, industrial designs and trademarks 

Helps in the dissemination of information on the importance of IP rights 

The contact details of the staff of the Directorate are as follows: 

Trade Policy Unit


Name Title ​Telephone No ​Skype ​E-Mail
Mr N. Boodhoo​ Director, Trade Policy (230) 208 1658 n.boodhoo​
Mrs S. D. Jeelall​ Principal Trade Policy Analyst ​ (230) 213 8239


Mrs S. F. Ramjanally-Nuthay​ Principal Trade Policy Analyst ​ (230) 211 7466 s.f.ramjanally.nuthay​
Mr D. Luximon​ Principal Trade Policy Analyst (230) 208 1662 d.luximon​
Mrs P. N. Ponen​ Senior Trade Policy Analyst​ (230) 213 8240


​Mrs F. Pokun​ ​Senior Trade Policy Analyst​ (230) 213 8241 ​f.pokun​
​Miss M. D. Rambaccussing​ ​Senior Trade Policy Analyst​ (230) 213 8242 ​m.d.rambaccussing​
​Miss Z.Chaumun​ Senior Trade Policy Analyst​ (230) 2081658 

Miss S.D.Beeharry Senior ​Trade Policy Analyst (230) 2081658 

​Mrs N.Butonkee ​Trade Policy Analyst (230) 213 8236 

Miss R.D Naran

​Trade Policy Analyst (230) 213 8236
Mr S. Y. Ramharai  Trade Policy Analyst (230) ​208 1658

Mrs O. D Abbana Rughoo Trade Policy Analyst

(230)​ 208  5918
Mrs M. G. Ricco-Philidor Trade Policy Analyst


213 8236


Miss S. B. Kurmoo  Trade Policy Analyst ​(230) 208 7352
Mrs.H. D. Domun-Suddul Trade Policy Analyst ​(230) 2087352
​   ​  
​Industrial Property Office ​ ​ ​ ​
Mr R. Beergaunot​ Ag. Controller​ Industrial Property Officer (230) 208 5714 r.beergaunot​ 


Ms S. Parthay​ Ag.Principal   Industrial Property Officer (230) 208 5768 s.parthay​ 


Mr N. Mardaymootoo​

Senior Industrial Property Officer​

(230) 210 8917 n.mardaymootoo​


Mrs B. N. Nauzeer​

Senior Industrial Property Officer

(230) 212 4431 b.n.nauzeer​

Mrs H. Xavier​

Industrial Property Officer

(230) 210 8918
Mrs M. Ramdharrysing​

Industrial Property Officer

(230) 208 5842

Mrs B. Corceal​

Industrial Property Officer

(230) 210 8919
Mr C. Gooljar​

Industrial Property Officer

(230) 213 0307
Mrs P. Maudhoo​

Industrial Property Officer

(230) 213 7286